Le Creuset Barcelona

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Ones of the most striking points of this project is situated in the central zone of the establishment, with three big circles simulate the inferior part of the pots of kitchen.

Le Creuset, the signature that has more than 80 years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of menaje for the kitchen, has inaugurated recently a new shop in the city condal of Barcelona.

The shop, situated in the Street Consell of Cent 357, has a space of more than 140 m2 between zone of exhibition and sale. The space, designed to show all the range of products of the mark, offers also a zone show cooking where will do demonstrations in direct for the lovers of the kitchen.

Space Lighting To create a modern environment, singular and with personality, at the same time that it achieves saving in energetic consumption and in maintenance of the luminarias, has used luminarias of the company Group MCI and Molto Luce.

To light the shop window of the shop of dynamic form and with change of colour have used proyectores linear Line Grazer® RGB that guarantees a uniform light and of high performance. Besides, to light of punctual form the elements of the shop window have placed proyectores Euro Spot (60º and 15º) with standard lane of three phases in white.

The shelvings where is placed the product have lit with throw of LED Linear Flex. The perfect solution for curvilinear applications or of spaces reduced, since they provide indirect light and of high performance without altering thearchitecture of the same.

Ones of the most striking points of this project is when in the central zone of the shop three big circles simulate the inferior part of the pots of kitchen. To give form and greater realism to these elements have used the luminaria SmartLedFlex® (MCI Technician) and the Jet White Dot (Molto Luce).

SmartLedFlex® Is a luminaria linear flexible perfect to provide decorative effects that provides a light homogénea without visible points.

Jet White Dot is the high point that completes the family of bedded of ceiling Jet. It is a master piece for the illumination arquitectural, that thanks to his wide range of diameters (350 – 450 and 650 mm) creates a perfect illumination of accent. The luminaria, with an easy diffusing screen to move, remains totally closed without visible fixations. Like result, achieves an absolutely clean outline, allowing that the luminaria integrate perfectly in the architecture of the surroundings like an artificial sky.

Finally, the interiorista Mar Garcia of the Study of Interiorismo Inner Sea, gave a touch of design very personalised, and with the traditional pots Him Creuset designed five luminarias of suspension very original instrumented with lamps QR111 of 19W.

Interior Design: Inner sea.
Project Illumination: Space Lighting
Lights: Mundocolor Technical illumination, Mundolighting and Molto Luce.
Photography: Diego Muñoz

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