Let’s Make Up Valencia

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Fabrice Prièbe (Nice, France, 1974), graduated from the School of Architecture of Marseille-Luminy in 1999. He was a partner in the Valencian studio of Luis Alonso de Armiño working in the field of public promotion architecture and held competitions in multidisciplinary teams and international some of them awarded in the field of the Valencian Community.

José Mañas (Valencia, 1975) studied product design at the School of Art and Design Superior of Valencia. Since 2007 he has his own studio, shared with Fabrice Prièbe.

In 2012, both began their journey in Ibiza by founding ibiza2project together. There they discovered each one a segment of their professions new to them that will allow them to express themselves and develop projects focused on quality, detail and exclusivity as an expression of luxury.

In this last project LET’S MAKE UP “a” fashion school “in the” trendy “neighborhood of Russafa in Valencia, with lighting material belonging to the catalog # 1 of SPACE LIGHTING
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